At some point I thought: What shall I create next? Shoes was the answer I gave myself. I followed a course at and below you see the result. I have never walked on shoes with a better fit than these handmade leather shoes.


  1. Hi,
    I am so eager to learn how to make shoe (handmade), can you help me where to start, please?


    1. Hello Shifa,

      If you go to my home page and under “categories” click on “shoes” you will find a list of postings on shoes. Not only how I got to the final result, but also a link to a great serie of YouTube clips that show you how to create a shoe.

      If you are willing to travel I can really recommend the shoe making course I followed in Amsterdam. Look at The page is also available in English.

      For any other question please ask.

      1. Your work is phenomenal . Where could I start when sourcing leathers like this to create a bag of my own?

      2. Hello Elise,

        Thanks again for the nice compliment. Where you will find leather near you is hard for me to say when you are not living in the Netherlands. All my resources are mentioned on my site and some are international. I found my resources by searching for companies that sell leather on the internet. You can start by looking on the site of Tandy Leather Factory They have a presence in many countries and they also sell tools next to all the other stuff you need when making leather items.

        Happy to help you further if you have more questions.

        Imagine, Create & Enjoy

        Greetings, Jim

  2. Thanks So much! I actually source them already. What a great company! any other suggestions? Do you find their prices decent?

    1. I think the prices for tools are decent. Also check out GoodsJapan. You will find a link in my resources list. I have never bought leather at Tandy. I purchase my leather at a local store here in the Netherlands. I think Tandy is also decent with prices for leather but at a local shop you find sometimes find a nice deal on just the piece you need.

  3. I think your work is fantastic I just started a class on Craftsy and Don is the teacher. You were on his Blog. It’s so great to keep learning. The colours you use in your bag hardware is amazing. In Australia I am having a bit of trouble locating different fittings . We seem to have the basics only. I must think outside the box and substitute !!!! My friend returns to the Netherlands annually so next time he can bring back some things. I use the Internet a lot but postage is our big problem… Cost. thanks for sharing your work

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