QR Tag & Microsoft tag with a Smile

Im am creating a card that I am going to use as a label on my bags and I can also use to advertise my site.
I want to have a tag on the card that when scanned brings you to me website.

I found two ways to do this.

The first is the Microsoft tag. This one I like for the way you can easily customize it and add your logo / picture etc. The nasty thing is that the Microsoft tag is not recognized by the common QR tag readers. The nice thinv of the Microsoft tag reader is that it recognizes the QR tags.

So the second option is the QR tag. At first it looked like you need be a programmer or pay for services to get a customized QR tag. But if you are happy with a small branding or your QR tag you can do it for free and very easy.
I created a tag on http://www.qtag.nl/qr-code-maken.
– snipped it to a jpeg
– opened powerpoint and inserted the picture of the tag
– inserted the picture of the smile and dragged it over the tag.

Now it is the trick to find the right place and size of your picture on the tag so the tag reader can still recognize it. I scanned it with my phone after every change to see if it worked. Also in powerpoint you can easily change the color of the tag on the picture tab.

After you found the right looks you select all ang group the pictures and right click to save as a picture.

Below you see my label with the QR tag with the small Smile and Microsoft tag with the big Smile.

So I prefer the Microsoft tag when it comes to easy customizing with great result, but I picked the QR tag to use on the card because all scanning software can recognize it.

Imagine, Create & Enjoy!
Good luck with your own tag.

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