My first pair of handmade leather shoes are ready!


I did it! My first pair of handmade leather shoes are ready. I am proud of the result. I do not have a pair of shoes that fits me better than these. 🙂 WOW!

Shoes#1 in the window
Shoes#1 in the window

Exactly in the programmed 9 days I did it. I learned how to use a sewing machine, make a shoe design and create a shoe.

On day 9, the final day I had one thing to do. The shoes needed soles. When I started the day the plan was to make the soles myself out of a big green flat piece of rubber. Lucky me I stumpled on a box of samples that containded just the perfect soles for my shoe. Esther was so kind to let me have them. THANKS! This took me to an early completion and a relaxed rest of the day.

The final touch of glue on Shoes#1
The final touch of glue on Shoes#1

A very big thank you to Esther van Schagen who runs “Jouw stoute schoenen“. She has a great way of helping you create the shoe (or bag or belt or bracelet) that YOU want. She does not tell you your plans are hard. She tells you what she thinks you should do to achieve it. If you plan to make something out of leather it is a good idea to contact Esther for a workshop or a course. Her studio is in the middle of Amsterdam close to all the great sights.

On to the next pair! 🙂

Shoes#1 fit perfectly
Shoes#1 fit perfectly


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