3 days of walking in Rome on my self made shoes

WOW! I just spent 3 days in Rome. That was already great by itself, but doing it on the handmade leather shoes I created myself was even better. I can truly say these are the best walking shoes I ever experienced. Wow again! Sorry for slapping my own shoulder here, but it just feels damn good! 🙂 No blisters and they did not fall apart.

Rome was great. We visited all the famous sites and on the picture (for proof) with one of my shoes you see the Pantheon. Rome was also a good place for inspiration. A lot of shops with bags and shoes. I just returned today and already I am cutting leather for a new bag. You will see what it looks like in the next posts.

Imagine, Create & Enjoy

Handmade Leather Shoes in Rome
Handmade Leather Shoes in Rome

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