Handmade leather bag #7 is ready for use. The first of a serie

This is handmade leather bag #7 and is created for my father. He wanted a small bag with a nice look for his wallet, camera and small other stuff that normally stuffs your pockets of pants and jacket.  I almost dislike the fact that he likes it, because I want to keep it. 🙂 Another good reason to create another one. As you can see in one of my earlier posts I was already planning to make a serie of this bag in different colors. So you bet that will happen.

Creating all these Leather items is a hobby. At first I thought it would fade away after creating all I need for myself. Instead I have become enthusiastic about creating items for others. 🙂

This makes that I am more and more curious what YOU think of my bags and other items. I would really appreciate it when you rate my posts or send me a comment.

THANK YOU very much for checking out my Blog and please like TheCrazySmile on Facebook!

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