How do you get your stitches straight?

Every now and then someone asks me how I get these straight stitches. On the pictures below you see the making of Leather Bag #11 and I zoomed in on the sewing machine I use. It is a Global LP 9971 C. For me it is important I have a fixed point I focus on to get straight stitches. I removed the standard protector next to the needle and replaced it with a paperclip that I shaped to function as a pointer. I point it to the outside of what I am sewing and determine the ideal distance to the needle. When I am sewing I keep my eye on the pointer and not on the needle. This works great for me.

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    1. Hello Sandie, I added a picture that better shows the paperclip and the big black screw that is holding it in place. Hope this helps. Let me know. Happy to help further if needed. Jim

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