Looking for a belt buckle

I find it hard to find places where I can buy nice, simple and a little rough looking buckles. And making it more difficult, they preferably fit a 4 cm wide belt. Below some pictures of buckles I found so far that I like. If you have links to shops that sell similar buckles please share them!

First a few buckles I bought at www.Ocho8.nl. These are the kind of buckles I like and fit 4 cm belts. The also have these fore even bigger belts.

Ocho8 Buckles
Ocho8 Buckles

Second are buckles I bought at a Tandy Leather Factory store in Seattle. You can also buy them through the website www.tandyleatherfactory.com . Unfortunatley these buckles do not fit the 4 cm wide belt straps I use. The have inch sizes and are just below 4 cm. Easy to fix with a strap cutter that I still need to purchase. 🙂

Tandy Leather Factory Buckles
Tandy Leather Factory Buckles

Last but not least a few links to websites that also have buckles, but I do not have a picture available. www.boomsma.nl (Dutch & English) has a few nice buckles for 4 cm belts and so has http://shop.hetleerlokaal.nl/ (Dutch Only).


On the picture below you see a buckle I am looking for. I have one from a big box on some fair and I would like to have more. If you are reading this and know where I can find such a buckle please let me know. It should fit a 4 to 5 cm belt.

The Buckle I am looking for
The Buckle I am looking for

Thank you very much!

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