Handmade Leather Bag to test the new Handpress

Not that I need an excuse to make a leather bag, but I received my order from “Het Leerlokaal” (www.hetleerlokaal.nl) and with that came these big eyelets and the stamps to press them to the leather. It was also the first time to use the new handpress (spindelmachine).

Pictures below show the easy creation of a small bag. Two pieces of leather glued to a zipper. Zipper stitched to the leather. Punched holes in the leather. To make sure I punched the holes all in the same place I used a piece of cardboard with a similar hole in it at the right distance from the corners of the leather. You see the Handpress after attaching an eyelet and the label ready to be glued in between the leather pieces before I sew it all together. Last but not least the front and back side of the finished bag! 🙂

And it was FUN!

Imagine, Create & Enjoy

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