Stitching and shaping leather: Books that helped me get started

Stitching and shaping leather: Books that helped me get started

When I started working with Leather I have been looking for the right books for a while. The books below I found most useful. If I would have to pick one to buy first or keep the one that is most helpful overall, I will pick “The Leatherworking handbook” by Valerie Michael. The book gives a broad look into different techniques you will like to know about when making leather creations / art of any kind.

The books from Al Stohlman are more focused on a topic and perfect when you want to know all about this one thing. The Art of making Leather cases seems to be focused on cases made of vegetable tanned leather but the creative one will find hints and tips for every sort of bag or case.

The books I like:

Making Leather Cases by Al Stohlman: ISBN 1-892214-93-8

The Art of Handsewing Leather by Al Stohlman: ISBN 1-892214-91-1

The Leatherworking handbook by Valerie Michael: ISBN 978-1-84403-474-1

Lacing & Stitching for Leathercraft: ISBN 1-892214-79-2


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