Mobile Blogging Improved! It is Now possible to give pictures a Name on your Windows Phone

Mobile Blogging has Improved!

Some people think I am crazy, but I like to blog from my Windows Phone. I take pictures from my Creations with my phone and edit them on my phone. WordPress has great options to blog from your phone so why move my pictures to my laptop to blog from there?

In the past I had to. Why? You get far better SEO when your pictures have a relevant filename. Unfortunately on a Windows Phone it is not a standard feature to change the filename of a picture.

With complete faith in technology I started asking people if they would be able to create an App for Windows Phone that adds this feature. After a few reactions in the category: Why would you even want that? I had a talk with Ruben Middel and he already created this feature for another App he was making. He was willing to share the code with Nico van Driel and together they created a simple but very functional App called Save As.

This App allows you to select a picture and change the Filename. And this makes it possible to blog pictures with a relevant Filename. 🙂

You can find the App clicking on: Save As or find it by looking for Save As in the Windows Phone Marketplace

Do you like it?

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