TheCrazyTube Large – The Extended Version

TheCrazyTube is a cool leather case first designed to carry and protect the Olloclip lens and also great for carrying coins, tampons, painkillers, jewelry, earplugs and lots of other things people have come up with.

A few ladies tried if a Labello or a Lipstick would fit and unfortunately that did not work. I fixed that with the extended version of TheCrazyTube.

TheCrazyTube Large is 9 cm long and on the inside approximately 8 cm. It is still around 4 cm wide on the outside and 3,2 cm on the inside. It does not have the neoprene padding to create maximum room. when desired it been be added. 🙂

As you can see on the picture below it can easily hold a Labello and some of the lipsticks will fit.

This version of TheCrazyTube is now available on

Imagine, Create & Enjoy

TheCrazyTube Extended - Handmade Leather Case
TheCrazyTube Extended – Handmade Leather Case

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