Logo template experiment on leather bag experiment.

Mark (Thank you!) from http://www.signenmeer.nl has created templates for me to help me add my TheCrazySmile logo to my new design leather bag. This is the first experiment with Fiebings oil dye and it was a learning experience. 🙂 Next time I will use less dye and try diffefent dye, paint, ink and stain to see how they work out.

Imagine, Create & Enjoy


    1. Yes it is. It is a sticker where the logo has been cut out. Because there is not only a cover on the sticky side, but also on the top you can stick it to your object without disturbing the pattern. After placing it on the object with the sticky side you can take of the top cover and add the paint. I used to much paint and it was an oil dye so very fluid. I will try other paints soon. Hope this helps.

      Thanks for the compliment ask please ask if you have more questions.


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