Leather Bag with Logo for Out of Area

Last April I spend a long weekend in Bosnia with Out of Area. A great and impressive experience. Out of Area facilitated a Team Development Experience I was part of. While we were there we helped making necessary improvements to a small school to give the kids a better and safer place to learn.  Besides Team Building Out of Area is very active in organizing events for kids in Bosnia. Check out their website for more info about the great things they do. www.outofarea.nl (Dutch site)

On my trip to Bosnia I was wearing my leather bag with TheCrazySmile logo and this bag was noticed by the chief of Out of Area. He asked me to create a bag for him with the Out of Area logo on it. Below you can see the result of adding the logo to the leather for the front of the bag. The bag will be finished before June 4 to make a trip to Bosnia. Of course I will post pictures of the finished bag.

Imagine, Create & Enjoy

Logo on Leather Out of Area
Logo on Leather Out of Area

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