Make your own tools!

Sometimes the right tools are not available when you need them, are very expensive to buy or just fun to make them yourself. My 7+ cm wide hole punch is a combination of all three. 🙂

For TheCrazyTube in its Original size I used a set of affordable hole punches. I was thinking of something bigger when I was walking on a flea market in France (Amiens) last year when I found a big brass shell that was around 7 cm in diameter. It has been standing on my table since October until recently a customer contacted me for a lens case. After a few e-mails the direction of the design was clear. It was going to a large version of TheCrazyTube.

This was the moment to see if my plan for the brass shell would work. I grinded the edge of the shell to a thin cutting egde and gave it a try. 🙂 It worked! The shell is made of thick strong brass and makes it a very good hole punch for only 5 Euro and some grinding. It takes a few hits but it makes holes in 5mm thick leather. This gives a perfect round piece of leather for the lens case.


Imagine, Create & Enjoy!

Homemade hole punch
Homemade hole punch


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