New leather handles for an old leather bag.

One of my colleagues was using this nice leather bag, but the handles (as you can see on the picture) where almost fully torn apart. In my enthusiasm I offered to create new handles for this bag to give it a second life. I am not typically inspired by repair work, but I hate it when things are put aside or replaced when with a small action they can stay functional.

The challenge of a good repair I find in having the right materials to make a good match with the current item. I was lucky to have a piece of leather on stock that could have been from the same piece of leather the bag was made of. 🙂 The handles are now made of 3 layers of leather glued and stiched together. The edges are treated with Fiebings Edge Kote.

Imagine, Create & Enjoy


Leather bag with new handles
Leather bag with new handles



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