Funky Leather Bag

As my working philosophy says I Imagine, Create & Enjoy. This is how many creations get their shape.

Another motto is: The end result is meant to be. It is the result of a creative journey. My creations never start with a fixed design. I allow myself some creative freedom between what I imagined it would look like and the final result. This is the way that works for me. The bag you see below is another result of this process.

Warning: My Imagination is not infected by fashion trends, rules or practical musts. 🙂

The bag is made of strong and thick brown and green leather. It has one large main pocket and no inner lining. That bag closes with a snap on a leather strap that loops around an aluminum ring.

Imagine, Create & Enjoy

Funky Leather Bag Green and Brown
Funky Leather Bag Green and Brown

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