Best wallet ever!

Leather wallet : Simple & Effective

In the past few years I made myself a few different wallets searching for the one that would serve me best. I should not be to big, not to small, hold a lot of cards, some coins would be nice and it should be easy to grab those 3 cards you need the most. Oh and a few bank notes would also be nice. 🙂

Below you see the wallet that comes closest to all these requirements. Inspired by a lady that was on the same campsite this summer and asked me to make a simple wallet that should not be much larger than her key pouch.

Imagine, Create and Enjoy

Orange leather wallet




  1. Hoi Jim,

    Wat een super model. Maak je deze ook op bestelling? Of is er alleen te koop wat er op de etsy-site staat?

    Gr. Joyce

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