Fun with Laser engraving

Fun with laser engraving

For a long time my head was filling up with ideas of all kinds of creations I could make or decorate when I would have a laser cutting and engraving machine. Now the time has come to start creating. The machine has arrived! 🙂

It actually arrived a few weeks back and I have been playing around a bit to test materials and options. I really love the laser engraving results on leather and wood. Cutting wood and Plexiglas is also fun. Below you find a few things I made for people I know, to help them out and for useful testing of the machine. The great thing is that where I needed to do cutting and stamping by hand or create a custom stamp I now only need a picture to create a custom design in leather. Of course this does not replace the great effects the other technics give, but it does add enormous potential. A nice key ring with a logo or even a photo engraved in it is now easily done.

You are going to see more creations with lasered designs soon.

Imagine, Create & Enjoy!

Laser engraved key ring with logo

Create the stuff you wish existed 2

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