Replacement watch strap for Quiksilver Lanai

Personalize your watch with a custom watch strap!

A watch has become a statement more than a necessity now that everybody carries a phone that also tells you the time. Creating your own watch is a very expensive way of being unique, but luckily the watch strap offers an easy route to personalize your watch.

Below you see the strap I created for a Quiksilver Lanai watch. With a laser engraving machine I added the Quiksilver logo and my own logo to the leather strap I made from two colors of strong and durable leather. Of course it is easy to imagine that all kinds of texts, logo’s or pictures can be engraved into a very personal strap for just about any watch.

Imagine, Create & Enjoy

Replacement strap for Quiksilver Lanai watch Leather watch strap for Quiksilver Lanai with logo


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