A leather bag for Ice Woman

The way I work is: Imagine, Create & Enjoy. Sometimes I fight my Imagination, but most of the times I just let it happen. This is another result of that process. When it was finished I figured it would look pretty good on the super hero: Ice Woman. My Girlfrind thinks it will also look good on her with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. 🙂 The bag is made of thick leather and double stitches almost everywhere to make sure it is super hero proof.

First I will wait if Ice Woman finds me to collect the bag. Will you help me find her and share the picture? 🙂

Imagine, Create & Enjoy

A bag for Ice Woman by TheCrazySmile
A bag for Ice Woman by TheCrazySmile
Handmade leather Bag
Handmade leather Bag


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